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Universal Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer

Universal Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer

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* Non-contact thermometer for measuring body temperature * Use to take body ambient or object temperatures * Designed to fit into iOS or Android enabled devices * Infra-red sensor and a battery - combines to measure temperature * Sensor should be held 3-5cm away from the object being measured * Companion App - Available on iOS App store and Android Play Store detects and displays temperature within 2 seconds * 45° Degree angle tilt sensor design * 3 Operational Modes - Object Body and Ambient * Helps parents monitor and track temperatures more efficiently * Quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data * Won prestigious award for Best Technology Accessory at the recent awards show * Does not emit any form of radiation or sound - uses a passive sensor * Small - ideal for storing in changing bag and carrying with you * Human Body Measuring Range: 32-44°C * Object Measuring Range: 0-300°C * Operating Humidity: Max. 85% RH * Operation Distance: 3 to 5 cm * Power Supply: 2 x LR41 (AG3) Button Cell * Automatic Power Off: 2 Second * Net Weight: 10g * Dimensions : 60 x 40 x 18 mm * Certifications: CE FCC RoHS REACH * Quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data with this Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer. The core function of the smart thermometer is to detect temperature using an infrared sensor that is non-invasive reliable and versatile for many applications. It accurately measures body temperature by measuring forehead skin and examines liquid temperature from surfaces in a few seconds. It can also measure environmental temperature by pointing in the direction of the heat source or holding it up. With a 45° degree angle tilt sensor design; this thermometer gives the most natural viewing angle for the human eye making the thermometer much easier to operate and to get readings. The internal engineering of the Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer has allowed for a sensor with a built-in battery to ensure robust operation and compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Small and compact with dimensions of 60 x 40 x 18mm it is the smallest smart thermometer available at this moment easily slotting into your bag or jacket pocket. To give parents peace of mind you need a device that can quickly and accurately measure temperature. That's why this thermometer has been created to help parents monitor and track temperatures more efficiently. While measuring it does not emit any radiation or sound as it uses a passive sensor making it completely safe. Simply install a free app (Android or IOS) and soon you can measure your baby’s temperature by holding the thermometer 3-5 cm from his or her forehead. It only takes two seconds to read the temperature and you can even log the whole family’s readings in the app under different profiles. Once installed you can now measure ambient temperatures which is great to ensure your baby’s bedroom is not too hot or too cold and it can measure the temperature of objects too. It has settings for different types of materials and for example you can check if your baby’s milk is a good temperature to drink. The Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer has a marginal difference of only ± 0.2 degrees when measuring the body temperature between 37-39 degrees Celsius. The temperature range for bodies goes from 32 to 44 degrees Celsius and for objects is goes from 0 to 300 degrees Celsius. To monitor the temperature of a sick baby you want something that takes an accurate temperature with minimal disturbance to baby. This is why you need the Infrared Smart Baby Thermometer. Specification:
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